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Fascinating Perfection Optima

Fascinating Perfection Optima

    360° VR

    Snow White Pearl Clear White Silky Silver Aurora Black Pearl Moss Gray Runway Red Gravity Blue Pluto Brown

    Snow White Pearl

    • MAX POWER(PS/RPM) 182 / 6,000
    • Warranty 5 Years / 100,000 KM
      Whichever is earlier


    It draws you in…and wins you over

    A bold shape. Appealing details. A delicate balance. Exciting technologies. And an extended wheelbase for remarkable stability and comfort. The roomy Kia Optima puts refinement into an irresistible package.

    A stunning silhouette

    Side windows that gracefully stretch beyond the rear doors. A subtlely-shaped boot lid that acts as an aerodynamic spoiler. And a choice of sophisticated wheel designs. The Optima is a showstopper in the truest sense of the word.

    Even from behind, it puts its best foot forward

    An arching aerodynamic stance. Prominent rear lamps. Clean, sculpted lines. And handsome tailpipe options. Any way you look at it, the Kia Optima radiates luxury from any angle.


    Innovation without the distraction

    As modern life becomes increasingly filled with data and mobile devices, the Kia Optima’s interior is designed to set a new benchmark for the human-machine interface. The wraparound instrument panel presents you with all the
    information you need, while at the same time removing clutter and distraction everywhere you look.

    Even bigger on the inside

    Generous amount of room for your head and leg. An ample front-seat shoulder room. And firm, supportive seats. From the moment you get in, the Optima makes you feels like you’ve arrived.

    Designed for total immersion in the driving experience

    The premium sport styling of the Optima GT and GT Line cockpits keeps the virtuosity of the machinery under the bonnet top of mind. Contoured seats brace the driver and passengers through the turns. Rich colors and materials hint at an immersive, invigorating experience on the road. An exclusive sport steering wheel features paddle shifters for fingertip gear shifts, and red stitching around the cabin sets a drumbeat of anticipation from the moment the seatbelts are fastened.


    It's time to get personal

    The Kia Optima is packed with standard features while a wide selection of options allow you to make it your very own.

    Introducing the more dashing and outspoken member of the family

    The Optima GT comes with exterior styling cues that distinguish it from its stable mates. Dedicated performance enthusiasts will be drawn to the sport-oriented details evident in the headlamps, grille, air dam and side sills.


    Amazingly efficient yet powerful when it counts

    Select from four drive modes for 6-speed automatic and 7-speed dual-clutch transmissions. Comfort, Eco, Sport and Smart settings adjust shift points to fit your preferences for economy and performance.

    Striking details that set an iconic performer apart

    From the first glance it's clear that the Optima GT is a different breed. Black high-gloss molding graces the sills below the doors. At the front, a dark gray meshed-type grille between expressively styled LED headlamps, and side intakes on the lower air dam heighten its sporty image. From behind, the exclusive 'GT' emblem announces that it's a serious performer.

    Lightning-quick reflexes

    The chassis of the Optima has been engineered for a smooth ride and responsive handling through the road’s twists and turns. Robust front wheel bearings and large dual rear lower control arms help further refine its ride and handling characteristics.


    Advanced materials for your peace of mind

    Thanks to smarter use of cutting-edge metals and adhesives at critical points Advanced materials for your peace of mind of the vehicle chassis, the Kia Optima surrounds you with a lightweight yet strengthened cage.setting a new standard for occupant safety.


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