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Do not inserted. In search of perfect balance between ride and handling

Suspension systems can substantially
affect your ride

Suspension is the system that determines how much you feel 'soft' or stiff when you ride on a vehicle.
Suspension systems allow you to run on any road conditions comfortably,
no matter whether they are bumpy or smooth.
Electronically Controlled Air Suspension photo
Electronically Controlled Air Suspension
Air springs that have replaced coil springs allow you to adjust the height of your car. The ability to maintain the height regardless of how many people or how much cargo you carry in your car can improve ride and steering stability.
Chassis Geometry System photo
Chassis Geometry System
A chassis geometry system, when mounted on your car, can address pulling by adjusting the angle and shape by which the tires and the body are connected to provide you with stiff and stable ride.

Steering system that affects handling

The steering system refers to the part of a car that affects the handling of it. Depending on how the system is set, your car can pull or run along corners well. The steering system allow you to run on any road conditions pleasantly, whether they are straight or bending.
Rack mounted Motor Driven Electric Power Steering
An electronic motor mounted on the rack connecting the front wheels drives gears directly to allow the driver to control the car with greater maneuverability.
Variable Gear Ratio steering
This technology allows you to run more easily on a straight road and run smoothly along a steep corner with minimal operation of the steering wheel.
Vehicle Stability Management (VSM) System
With this system, your car keeps monitoring the road conditions and protects your safety by automatically controlling the steering wheel and the brake when the road is bumpy.

Centralized control system for drive modes

Choose from multiple drive modes according to your preferences and your car will have the engine, transmission, steering, electronically controlled air suspension and everything that affects drive controlled centrally to provide you with unparalleled handling and ride.
Drive mode
Provides smooth acceleration
and comfortable ride.
Drive Mode
Provides sporty drive
and stable ride.
and comfortable ride.
Drive Mode
Ensures that your drive is optimized
for economic run.
Drive Mode
Minimizes tire slip on wet roads
and improves steering and drivability.

Enjoyable Handling

An electronic shifting system that enables stable and precise acceleration and deceleration can make your drive much more fun with simplified maneuvering and stylish design.
Shift By Wire
This is a system where the transmission and the lever communicate via electronic communication control. It features a high level of convenience as it suffers no vibration and enables shifting with simple manipulation and short travel. In addition, the gear that the transmission is in is displayed on the lever.

Comfortable Riding

Many ergonomically designed functions that you can operate easily no matter what situation you are in will make your driving even more comfortable and pleasant.
Heated Seats
Heated seats will help you drive more comfortably.
Seating Position Memory System
Save the positions of the driver's seat, steering wheel and outside mirrors and recall it anytime at the push of a button.
Ventilated Driver/Passenger Seats
A fan inside the seat generates wind to help you drive pleasantly.

LED Full Adaptive Front Lighting System

Created by marriage between full LED lamps and full AFLS, adaptive full LED headlamps can change the angle of beam not to impair the visibility of cars coming in the opposite direction. They also have the capability to provide optimal beam pattern according to the speed of the vehicle to make your drive safer and more comfortable.
High-Beam Assist
A camera installed on the wind shield senses ambient lighting and the brightness of other cars and automatically turns on and off the high beam to help you drive safer at night.
Low beam pattern
With this system, your car's low beam pattern changes according to your speed to give you better visibility.
  1. 1 It helps you have good visibility on your right and left when you run at 40km/h or slower.
  2. 2 It ensures the visibility of drivers coming in the opposite side and helps you have good visibility when you run at 40km/h to 110km/h.
  3. 3 It helps you have further visibility in all directions to let you better focus on driving when you run at 110km/h or faster.
  4. 4 Dynamic Bending Light: The pattern of the low beam faces left or light according to the direction of the steering wheel and the speed of your car whether you are in the city mode, regular mode or high speed mode.