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Brand Collaboration between Kia and CGV

Without our knowledge, Kia has become part of our most familiar cultural space: the movie theater. In collaboration with the theater chain CGV, Kia communicates its unique brand identity through the latest cinematic means.
  • A stroll through Kia Cimema
    The Kia Cinema is the first movie theater of its kind and offers unique theater experiences.
  • The four-sided Screens
    The four-sided screens and carefully arranged seating inside the theater add excitement to your theater experience by showing an opening film that makes you feel as if you were actually driving a Kia car.
  • Exit
    You are reminded of the Kia brand right before you leave the theater when you see the artworks en route to the exit. A die-cast Soul is displayed up ahead. On your left, you can see an artwork that was displayed at the Kia Biennale, while on your right you can see combinations of words that represent Kia. They work together to show that Kia is not only a car brand, but also a good communicator of culture.